I have always been a writer. But it was when I started taking photographs, an explosion of personal reflection occurred. My life experiences, my writing, and now my photos are interconnected. 

Together a stronger and deeper collective can be told. It is all coming together. It is time to step into a more complete zone of light and life.  As quoted in one of my stories: “I take walks with my camera focused purposefully on creating better light and balance. I write with a truer clarity of style. This is my life. With each day, I am indeed the girl in aperture passing.” 

Thank you for coming to this site. This is an exciting, ultimate journey of creativity and expression. Your support and engagement is truly appreciated and celebrated!

I wrote a Children’s book!

Samuel and the Magic Tree is a special storybook for ages 0 to 6 years about the magical adventures of a Grandmother and her little grandchildren.

To learn more and to purchase, discover the book’s website: www.samuelandthemagictree.com

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