Bring Samuel And The Magic Tree Into Your Holidays: A “Did You Know” and “How To” Instructional

A departure from the story telling of this collection, I have been asked to create a specific link of guidelines. The goal is to assist in the process of bringing my book, “Samuel and The Magic Tree” into your Holidays. This is a season of magical tales and sharing. It would be such an honor if my book could contribute in making your Holidays special. Here’s how…

Did you know… that the book in available to buy in the convenience of on-line purchasing? Over one hundred publishers offer the book
How to order: The most popular purchase sites for all my United States as well as international friends are as follows (simply click on your favorite):

Amazon: Available in Kindle and Paperback

Balboa Press: Available in E-Books, Hardcover, and Paperback

Barnes and Noble: Available in E-Books and Paperback

Waterstones: Available in Hardcover and other formats upon request

Most of the above offer quick service and delivery…and you can order in the comfort of your home.

Also please leave a review and tell your friends to do so as well. The back-end metrics of such reviews showcases my book in ads, searches, etc.. Truly helps and only takes a few minutes. Many thanks!

Did you know…that your local bookstore can order the book, even if it is not currently available in-store?
How to order: Simply inquire and they will accommodate. Don’t forget to specify the due date for arrival of the book to ensure it comes in time for your gift giving calendar.

Did you know… that I am still offering book readings for your organization, school, holiday event? This is a win/win for all as proceeds from any book sales go directly to the sponsoring group.

Did you know… that you contact me directly to customize your book order, schedule a personal meet and greet, or simply brainstorm opportunities where I can facilitate your book requests. I love to create and partner to ensure a special experience.
How to contact me: At any time, feel free to email me and I will return any request and inquiry withing 24 business hours, if not sooner:

Did you know…that the book has its very own website? Full of photographics, reviews, news, and offerings–and you can buy the book through this page. Feel free to subscribe to learn, stay in touch, and become a special part of the Magic Tree community. Click here to be directed to this site and view.

And last but not least, please follow my professional Instagram Page for complete updates and news on the book and all my photographic news and endeavors:

Continued thanks and appreciation. Here’s to a magical Holiday season for you and yours.

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