An update:

I am exceptionally grateful to all who visit this page. I wanted to announce my new Instagram Page:

It is dedicated to advising when each new story published on this blog, future publications, and, yes, special events.  I invite you for follow this page and receive all the latest news.

The more I write, the more photographs I take, the more excited and knowing I become. I look towards growth. Trust me, as all artists, I have gone through periods of drought and doubt. I am my worst critic.  I know when a sentence, a phrase does not “work” or is weak; when a picture is misaligned or does not translate. But…with a click of a camera or a touch of a keyboard, when everything comes together in a deeply personal and professional moment, I feel magic in my bones. I am honored to be able to include you in this metamorphosis.

Again, do join my professional Instagram page. And I hope you have signed on to receive notifications of publications on this blog page. Please invite your friends to join on all my pages and do feel free to comment. I welcome your insights and reactions. An increased readership and engagement further helps me define the direction of this journey.

There has been an explosion within me that I cannot ignore. I am full of stories that I must tell, images I want to capture. And I want to write so that each resonate with my readership. Many thanks for sharing in this journey.

NOTE: The correct, official link for this blog page is a follows. Please share this with your friends:

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